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And here you are.

I am a Father, IT professional, Programmer, tinkerer, and a Mormon. 

My wife Megan and I have been married since 1997 and we have 8 beautiful children to show for it. She does a tremendous job pretending I have a shred of dignity no matter how much I ham it up to make her or the kids laugh.

One of the primary things we believe and is also a gospel principle is well boiled down to the following:

We believe in your right to believe in anything you want, regardless of what we believe, as long as you recognize and respect our right to believe in anything we want, regardless of what you believe.

That said I welcome you even if you disagree with my beliefs. That right ends however if your input is hateful or contains drama. I am open to debate, but not negativity. If you have a problem with something then I require you suggest a viable and credible solution to fix it. 

Peace and God Bless,

- Dan.

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