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Resume and Certification of Daniel Baker

Thank you for visiting.

Regarding the position available in your organization, I am enclosing my resume for your review. Please consider this letter as my formal application presenting my background, education and experience.

My experience spans more than 2 decades in programming, hardware and systems engineering. I have worked with a wide range of clientele covering private industry, local and federal government, and the US Military.

I have hands on knowledge of electronics, and associated test equipment; production automation and ERP systems; automated imports and exports into Drupal e-commerce systems. I enjoy automating tasks, troubleshooting complex issues and making disparate systems behave as one cohesive unit.

Most recently I have built and supported Drupal enterprise infrastructure for and is the Drupal website that is the public face of Volusions turn-key ecommerce solusitons which processed more than $14 Billion in sales in 2013.

I am a contributor to several open source projects, and an author of Drupal modules. I spend time in IRC support channels answering questions when I have the opportunity.

I have been a webmaster for several websites both current and expired including:

These websites and others I have worked on during my personal and professional work experience, utilize MySQL or Microsoft SQL. The most interesting project I have participated in was converting sensor activations into meaningful database insertions and database states to trigger actuators for Army and Navy product demonstrations with XSLENT llc.

My education has been largely informal with exception to a few college courses taken with regards to database operations, computer repair, and a few basic business courses. I have held certifications in Windows 95, 98, XP, Linux Administration and network administration. I currently have a Linux Red Hat Admin certificate through

I get personal satisfaction from making a measurable contribution to companies I work for. Making a difference is one of the many things I value.

I spend my free time learning new processes and methodologies on a mid-scale home network that consists of about a dozen devices and AWS services. I have created an ERP system and other utilities using the game API for the MMO EVE-Online. I am a student pilot, and a father of 8 wonderful children.

One of the challenges I find myself doing quite frequently is updating critically outdated systems running on Ruby, Python and Java systems such as Tomcat, Jasper reports, Jenkins, Jira, Redmine and the like. 

LinkedIn Profile page with endorsements

Attached are my Resume, and Linux Certification.

Sincerely, Daniel Baker

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